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Property and Legacy Gifts


Responsible Stewardship

Christ Focused, Community Strong

Some months ago I attended the memorial service of a friend who died suddenly at the age of 65. He was in great physical health, doing everything to stay in shape, and yet his time had come. I was struck by what he left behind - a legacy that included a reputation for integrity, generosity, caring for others - qualities in life we all admire. 

His passing reminded me that each one of us will leave a legacy and an impact on others.   We may or may not leave great material wealth, but we will leave our imprint.   I ask myself, what will my imprint be?   Have I reflected the face of Our Lord to others during my life?   Was I a good steward (manager) of God gifts in my lifetime: my family, His church, my neighbors and community, my finances?   Bottom line - did I help grow God's kingdom or did I fail to contribute? 

Be a Partner in RESCUE!
As we enter the new year, may we have the opportunity to partner with you? Together, we can carry out God's call in our lives to impact our world! Can we be of assistance in helping you create a lasting legacy?   Please contact me,

Don Eskes,
Community Partnerships 
(559) 268-0839, Ext 134

Legacy Giving is about ordinary people making extraordinary gifts!

A legacy gift to the Fresno Rescue Mission allows you to help secure the vision, life and mission of this time-tested ministry. Your gift will help ensure that we not only maintain, but expand God's ministry through the Fresno Rescue Mission, well into the future.

A gift made through your estate provides a legacy, which directs your earthly treasure to reach souls for Christ. Your foresight now can result in many people entering into the joy of our Lord long after you have entered in yourself.

Legacy Giving will ensure the Fresno Rescue Mission remains a vital ministry for generations to come!

There are countless ways to support the Fresno Rescue Mission through our Foundation.

To maximize your gift and meet your individual needs, the Fresno Rescue Mission invites you to consider the following:



Wills and Estate Planning Do you have a will or revocable living trust? Have you included the Fresno Rescue Mission in your estate plan? In light of recent federal estate tax changes, it is a good idea to review your existing estate plan to make sure your current plan reflects your wishes. It is easy to include the Fresno Rescue Mission as a beneficiary in your will or living trust.

Stock and Mutual Funds Do you own stock or mutual funds that have appreciated in value? By transferring the shares directly to the Fresno Rescue Mission, you will receive a valuable income tax deduction and avoid paying the capital gains tax that you would have paid if you sold the shares yourself.

Real Estate Do you own a vacation home or rental property that takes up too much of your time with endless projects and oversight of the tenants? Consider making a donation of the property directly to the Fresno Rescue Mission. For your generous gift, you may receive an income tax deduction and may avoid paying the capital gains tax that you would have paid if you sold the property yourself.

Increase Your Income It is possible to make a gift and get paid back in return. By donating cash, stock or real estate to a life income plan, you can count on an income stream for life and receive an income tax donation. There are many ways to establish a plan that will meet your particular needs.

Life Insurance More than likely the primary beneficiary on your life insurance policy is your spouse, child or other relative. Please consider naming the Fresno Rescue Mission as an additional beneficiary and split the insurance proceeds according to a set formula. For example, you can name your spouse as primary beneficiary of 75% of the proceeds and the Mission as beneficiary of 25% of the proceeds from the insurance.

Memorial Gift As an enduring tribute to a family member or loved one, the Fresno Rescue Mission would be happy to assist you in choosing an appropriate commemoration for your gift in honor of or in memory of someone special to you. 

For more information about including the Fresno Rescue Mission in your estate planning, contact Janet Steinhauer @, or call 559-268-0839, Ext 204


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