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Meet Jason Carter:  
Father, Husband, Student and Marine.

Rather than simply relaxing on the couch and just enjoying his summer with his family, Jason decided to give back to his community.   Jason sought out volunteer opportunities with the Fresno Rescue Mission, completing 100 hours.  He served food to our guests.  He tutored disciples enrolled in the Academy, and is now taking steps to serve in relational ministries as a mentor, developing a friendship with a disciple in the Academy program.


We caught up with Jason and asked him what he gained from his volunteer experiences with the Fresno Rescue Mission:

1.       What were your aspirations for the summer?

The Lord put it in my heart to give 100 hours of my time this summer while my kids were out of school for summer break. When I set out to volunteer at the Rescue Mission that was really the only goal I had in mind. I left the rest up to God. I figured he would put me where I was needed.

2.        Why you chose the Fresno Rescue Mission to volunteer?

I chose the Rescue Mission because Pastor Larry Arce counseled me early on in my marriage when my wife and I were going through a rough time. I always remembered how he helped me. So really, I’m just giving back what was given to me.

3.        What you have gained from volunteering with us and your overall experience?

The most important thing I gained from volunteering at the Rescue Mission was friendships with the disciples. They have encouraged me and strengthened me in my walk with Christ. Seeing the changes that have occurred in the lives of these men is proof enough that God exists.

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